The Archdiocese of Goths was initially established in 268 A.D, and its first ruling bishop was Theophilus, one of the co-signers of the Holy Symbol of Faith, the Nicean Confession in 325 A.D. The Archdiocese is and has always been Orthodox Christian, and was the 34th diocese of the Patriarchate of Constantinople from its foundation in the 6th Century until 1779 A.D, when the jurisdiction was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Today it canonically exist through the canonical decisions of the Catacomb Church, inheriting the apostolic succession of the pre-revolutionary Russian Orthodox Church. Its ruling bishop is Ambrose von Sievers, Archbishop of the Goths, and it’s registered as a parish in Sweden. Traditionally the Archdiocese of Goths encompassed all northern lands, which is why it’s full title is Archdiocese of the Goths and the Northern Lands.